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CHROM AD of Silistra

CHROM AD of Silistra is a Bulgarian manufacturer of washbasins, household stainless steel utensils and high-tech components for the industry with quality meeting European and world standards.

The enterprise was founded as an independent company in 1966 engaged in the production of household utensils of stainless steel plate.

CHROM AD has had one main goal for 53 years now - to provide products that meet the highest quality standards and the individual requirements of each of our clients.

All products of CHROM AD are produced from stainless steel 304 AISI / X5CrNi 18 10 (EN 10088 - 1, 2, 3, brand 1.4301) EN 695:2005, EN 13310:2003

Currently, CHROM AD produces over 250 items. We seek to continuously develop our product portfolio to meet the new expectations of our customers. The various range gives us the unique advantage to be part of every household. With our presence we help the modern housewife in taking care of her family and creating a cozy home. And to put things at ease, we give guarantee for each item.

In 1971 CHROM AD started producing washbasins. Currently, more than 70 washbasin models/versions of this brand can be found in the market that meet all the functional and aesthetic requirements.

The washbasins are polished to perfection in every detail. They are highly resistant to mechanical impact and easy to maintain, hygienic and extremely durable.

The dimensions of the washbasins are consistent with the kitchen modules. Each one has a material thickness of 0.8 mm, is effectively noise dampened, with a tub of optimal dimensions and a depth of 160 mm. The engineering team of CHROM AD guarantees the long life of the washbasins.


CHROM AD has 57-year experience in the production of products and components by applying the deep drawing and punching technology.

The enterprise has double action press machines, eccentric presses, plate printing presses, etc., as well as a wide range of punching equipment and utilized technological processes.

Workpieces, components and products of metal plates having different shapes and dimensions are produced by deep drawing, cutting, bending and edging.

The technological capacities satisfy the demands of our partners by our offering components in agreed standard dimensions and custom ones (following specific parameters set).

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